How To Nail The Holiday Season – Literally! 6 Must-Have Jamberry Nail Wraps This Christmas

How To Nail The Holiday Season – Literally! 6 Must-Have Jamberry Nail Wraps This Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town and the jingle bells are ringing because the holiday season is finally here! You’ve probably heard Christmas carols everywhere, children dancing and singing along these tunes and of course, flashing lights all over town.

Some people are already rushing to the malls and preparing presents for their loved ones this season. Christmas is the most anticipated holiday all over the world and it is no wonder why people love it. Although the weather is cold, yet the season spreads love and warmth everywhere – even from strangers, we can all feel it. Just a simple greeting with a smile makes the holiday season bright.

Furthermore, the holiday season calls for celebrations – family gatherings, dinner with friends and a simple date with your special someone. There are gift-giving parties, Christmas Eve luncheon, Christmas parties and a whole lot more of occasions. Certainly, we all love attending and dressing up for the occasions during Christmas.

Most of us wear holiday season-inspired shirts, matching bonnets and scarf, shoes and of course, Christmas-themed nails. It is indeed a season to be jolly! Now, if you’re one of the many who desires to flash their nails this holiday season, then, here are six must-have Jamberry nail wraps especially for you.


1. Santa On Holiday Jamberry Nail Wrap

santa on holiday jamberry

Oh, Santa! The most beloved character in all the land! He represents Christmas in the best way possible. Now, you can symbolize him in a trendy way and it literally comes in handy. Using this nail wrap design, nothing could possibly go wrong and it is something that you can be proud of! For sure, your friends or even kids around the block will love it too. In this Jamberry nail wrap, jolly old St. Nicholas looks super cool as he wears his iconic hat and that black pair of shades. Even the pink flamingo chills out. If they can be awesome, so can you!


2. Christmas Socks Jamberry Nail Wrap

Christmas socks jamberry

As per tradition, we hang socks near the chimney or the Christmas tree, wishing that Santa would come by and fill it up with presents. By the time we wake up, we’re surprised that our wish has been granted (not by Santa, but our loving parents). Anyhow, it still brightens up our day. Since tradition has it, you can also wear the colors of your holiday socks on your nails by using this Christmas Socks Jamberry nail wraps. It can’t be filled with gifts, but it can simply fill your day with delight and happiness. Just looking at it already reminds you of the joy that is brought by this season.


3. Jolly Lane Jamberry Nail Wrap

jolly lane jamberry

‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa, Lala Lala, Lala Lala! Be in tuned with this Christmas song by wearing peppermint candy canes on your nails. Jolly Lane nail wrap by Jamberry is as sweet as candy with its design, but it’s not edible so don’t be tempted by its looks (*wink). If you have a kid, you can let her wear the same nail wrap, since this design is available in junior size which is perfect. You can have twin nail designs which are an ideal mom and daughter moments this Christmas. You can also wear matching costumes, take a photo and share it with the world!


4. Holiday Cheer Jamberry Nail Wrap

holiday cheer jamberry

Christmas is indeed a holiday that’s worth all the cheers! So, are you up for it? If you do, then you better get ready for it and don’t forget to let your nails shine brightly. Adding a little color and adorable design with lots of hollies and glittery stuff on your nails is one of the best ways to go. Holiday cheer nail wrap by Jamberry would be perfect for the mood this holiday and certainly, your nail will stand above the rest. It’ll complement your outfit and even your makeup, so, don’t have any doubts and let it speak for you.


5. Light It Up Jamberry Nail Wrap

light it up jamberry

The holiday season will not be complete if there are no Christmas lights. I bet you couldn’t agree more with this. Adding Christmas lights to interior and exterior of homes as well as to the Christmas trees have been customary to people all over the world. It brightens up the holiday season and seeing them light up the streets, houses, churches and everything else give us that unexplainable feeling of utmost exuberance within and we can’t help it but smile. Now, in as much as those lights illuminate the world, Jamberry’s Light It Up nail wrap design can certainly do the same to your nails. Have these colorful bright light-inspired nail wraps do the magic!


6. Tinsel Time Jamberry Nail Wrap


tinsel time jamberry

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! So, don’t get far behind everybody else as they shine the brightest this holiday season. Christmas trees can’t only be seen in houses, car air fresheners, ornaments or any other decorations. Now, you can see them on your nails when you wear Tinsel Time nail wrap by Jamberry. You can also add more colors to Christmas as you let your nails flash with this amazing nail wrap. If you intend to dress up for the holidays, this could be a perfect accessory to match your outfit. This would be perfect for your kiddos as well and no doubt, they’d fall for it.


In Summary

Christmas is just around the corner and all of us are pretty much excited about it! Looking forward to all the events and food shared with friends and family as well as the exchange of love and presents is making the holiday season worth all the anticipation. You can wear anything that you like or any outfit that fit the theme of the occasion. Plus, flashy nails inspired by this season’s festivity is certainly a must-have!

Have you made any plans so far? If not, then take all the time to plan for the upcoming celebration and don’t hesitate to make your nails stand out. These Jamberry nail wraps are the perfect accessory and nothing could possibly go wrong when you choose to have it. You can actually request a free sample and give it a try. It doesn’t easily chip or peel off, so no need to worry. Let your nails stand out this holiday season and have a blast!