Now You Can Have Relief From Arthritis With These 7 Exercises

Now You Can Have Relief From Arthritis With These 7 Exercises

Arthritis is considered to be one of the leading causes of disability on a worldwide basis. According to experts at Arthritis Foundation, it is actually a complex family of musculoskeletal disorders consisting of more than 100 different diseases or conditions that can affect people of all ages, races, and genders. In contrast to what most of us believes, this disease does not only affect old people, but it can affect all ages. In fact, people with the age of 65 and below have been diagnosed with arthritis in which 300,000 of the population are children. Aside from that, rheumatoid arthritis tends to affect women more often than it does men. Among the forms of arthritis, the most common one is osteoarthritis.

arthritis in women
Many women past age 50 discover OA is the reason for their creaking knees, aching backs, and sore fingers.


Symptoms of arthritis include fatigue, joint pain, joint tenderness, joint swelling, and stiffness of joints. Due to these symptoms, those who suffer from this disease find it difficult to do exercise or physical activities because it causes different kinds of pain. However, skipping exercises is not a good idea. According to research, physical activities can reduce some of the symptoms of arthritis, and improve joint mobility as well as strength and endurance. It is highly recommended by doctors that people with arthritis should get involved in balanced and regular exercise program. Here are exercises have proven to help relieve arthritis.


  1. Swimming/Water Exercises


Pool therapy or aqua therapy is one of the best exercises which is ideal for people with arthritis. The pool provides an environment conducive for exercise because its buoyancy counteracts gravity, wherein the weight placed on painful joints and the spine is decreased. Reduced weight bearing stress is one of many benefits of pool therapy for patients with arthritis especially those with osteoarthritis.


  1. Tai Chi

Tai chi promotes correct body posture and balance. In this exercise, slow, smooth movements are involved wherein it can strengthen the body, reduce pain and improve mobility. It is a low impact exercise, therefore your joints, knees, and ankles don’t get overstressed while you’re doing the routine. Tai chi can provide many health benefits to those who suffer from arthritis.


  1. Dancing

Most of us love to dance and even those who have arthritis can still dance their way through. Recent studies show that belly dancing is a way to relieve joint pains. This form of dance can engage all of the core muscles of the hips, stomach, and buttocks. Thus, it can build strength and improve balance and posture which is great for dealing with arthritis.


  1. Chair Exercises

A chair can be a great prop for many arthritis exercises according to Papachristos. You can sit in a normal-height chair, stand up, and sit down, but don’t just plop down. Continue this pattern for about 10-15 times. Through this, you can strengthen muscles and maintain joint flexibility.


  1. Walking

Another form of low-impact exercise is walking and it is best for everyone. It is a great exercise for strengthening the bones. It is highly recommended by experts that people with arthritis could do three to five days a week and work up to a 30-minute session to build endurance.


  1. Weight Lifting

The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen muscles especially in the arms and it is considered to be the best way to care for arthritic joints. It has been reported previously in the journal of Geriatric Nursing that weightlifting has been associated with improved strength, flexibility, and balance among patients with arthritis. However, it is imperative to observe safety tips for weight-lifting routines to avoid accidents.


  1. Cycling

Cycling is a great exercise with cardiovascular benefits. Through this exercise, you can avoid the pounding of high-impact aerobic activities. Regular cycling can increase muscle strength and flexibility as well as improve joint mobility. It has been proven that riding a bike can improve both physical and mental health, and can reduce the chances of experiencing many health problems.


Please keep in mind that before doing any of these exercises stated above, you should go first and see your doctor for professional advice. In any case of replaced or inflamed joints, there are movements that you should avoid. Your doctor might actually give you pain relievers or necessary medication if you are experiencing symptoms. Also, there are organic supplements rich in Glucosamine that could help you maintain the healthy structure of your bones, cartilage, and other body tissues. With this, you can enjoy your exercise without worrying about joint pains and other symptoms of arthritis.