Achieve A Celebrity-Inspired Bikini Body In 7 Simple and Effective Ways

Achieve A Celebrity-Inspired Bikini Body In 7 Simple and Effective Ways

Getting tired of being envy while watching celebrities hit the beach with their incredibly sexy body? Are you sick of being stuck in your diet and not losing any weight? If yes, all you have to do is change your lifestyle and try these 7 ways that could help you achieve your perfectly shaped body just in time for spring. In the showbiz industry, celebrities have their own workout plans as well as distinct healthy diet. As you can see their figures are beyond description and it can make us drool with great jealousy. It also makes you want to determine their secrets and try it for yourself, right?

I truly understand where you’re coming from, and because of that, I will share some of the little-known ways your favorite celebrities do. Of course, these practices have already been done by famous stars. That is why I encourage you to try these and see the difference every week. You can make your calendar wherein you can jot down your measurements such as your weight, waistline, and overall body index every week to keep track of your performance. No matter what your age is, you can still do this. Without further ado, here are the 7 ways/techniques to help you out on your goals plus healthy tips for a proper diet.


Technique #1: Kale Juice + Mountain Valley Wrap Diet

gwyneth paltrowWhose diet do you have in mind? This particular diet was followed by mom/fashion icon/Goop curator Gwyneth Paltrow. At the age of 42, she still rocks a bikini body better than other teenage girls and this is her technique. She drinks kale juice after her workout and then eats Mountain Valley Wrap for lunch and kale soup for dinner. Incorporating this diet with regular workout would best achieve a figure like hers.


Technique #2: Corset

corsetActress Jessica Alba wore a double corset day and night for three months in order bounce back to her bikini-bod after giving birth to her children. This undergarment allows her to shrink her midsection and enhance her busts. She also does regular 45-minute cardio workout to burn extra calories fast. She follows a lower-calorie eating regimen and eats dinners that are balanced with lean protein, consolidated with complex carbohydrates, and solid fats.


Technique #3: Go for Organic

kate hudsonDid Kate Hudson stun you as well when she appeared in How to lose a guy in 10 days? Oh yes! Receiving rough criticisms from tabloids was her motivation to trim down to a perfect body. Her secret was eating organic food wherever and whenever possible. Sushi has been part of her healthy diet as well. She also combines her diet with regular exercise.


Technique #4: Ancient Grains

angelina jolie-grainsMaleficent star and Hollywood queen Angelina Jolie now follows an unconventional diet by eating food which contains ancient grains such as millet, chia seeds, spelt, buckwheat, and quinoa. Aside from their health benefits, these grains also provide a shinier glow on your skin. Don’t forget to put meat in our system as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Regular exercise is highly recommended by Jolie as well.


Technique #5: Eating the Alkaline Way

victoria eckham - alkalinePosh Spice a.k.a Victoria Beckham believes in the power of non-acidic, alkaline foods. This particular diet she follows limits intake of animal proteins and processed food. Just like other celebs do, she also regularly visits the gym.


Technique #6: The Duchess Diet

kate middleton - dietThe Duchess of Cambridge’s super slim shape has been achieved thanks to natural fruit and vegetable juices. She has been fond of juicing fresh produce to its most nutritious state. Her eminence also implements daily exercise to help her manage her weight.


Technique #7: Do It Like Blake

blake lively- dietGossip Girl Blake Lively has definitely stayed in shape at the age of 25. She totally has the body to die for! Her secrets to her physique are circuit training exercises to tone and strengthen her muscles. For her diet, she keeps her healthy diet by eating fresh and healthy foods such as selections of fruits, pulses, vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs, chicken and dairy products.

Way to sum things up, even celebrities have simple ways of maintaining a lean and fit body by making sure that they strictly stick to their regular workout exercises as well as their healthy diet plan. Even you can do it! Just don’t forget to eat properly, strengthen your immune system and follow the recommended routine for your workouts. Do this for yourself and flaunt your body with confidence!